Gerald E. W. Shepherd

Selected Art Works
108 Artworks

Idiosyncratic paintings which combine visual art with my interests in science, mathematics, music, theatre and the natural world. These works are often sequential and developmental (theme and development or theme and variations). I began working in this style in 1976 and have been exploring it ever since.

Ionist Art
22 Artworks

Gerald Shepherd A.K.A. 3.14159265359 - Paul Immanuel Drawings, often extremely intricate, exploring scientific and philosophical ideas and sometimes using mathematics as a developmental tool. Most were done between 1976 and 1986 - many of which have been subsequently lost or damaged. I coined the term Ionist Art in 1976. I have returned to the concept recently and I plan to rephotograph the remaining undamaged works in due course.

Digital Art
165 Artworks

Digital Paintings
103 Artworks

Digital Minimalism And Abstraction
65 Artworks

Gerald Shepherd - A.K.A. Peter Robert Black (Blackwing)

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